Property Concierge

Property Concierge is a full-service suite supporting time poor key investors, foreign investors and investors with portfolio ambitions of a large number of investment properties – all accessed through your Property Concierge app (and web host).

Our Full Service Suite

Property Concierge service is also a full property portfolio development and management services and comprises of the following (plug and play) elements

  • Portfolio requirements - providing coaching and information for the Investor to profile the portfolio they wish to build and where i.e properties <3 years in areas of > 4.5% gross yield
  • Properties of Interest provides the Investor with available properties for purchase against their profile for their expression of interest (and further due diligence for decisioning).
  • Property acquisition - we manage the full acquisition process.
  • Tenant and Property Management - identify, validation and securing of tenants and the insurance and upkeep of the property.
  • Portfolio performance - track the real-time performance of the portfolio and identity equity available within the portfolio for further acquisition.

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