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Successful Portfolio

Understanding the performance of your Property Portfolio is key when trying to build a successful one. You need to regularly understand current values, market rental income, growth in your properties and mortgage performance.

Successful Portfolios are run like a business - we have helped build 100's over the past 30 years so let us help you FastTrack to success.


The Property Circle App allows you to review your portfolio and each property’s past performance instantly, in realtime.

  • Automatic Portfolio Tracking

    Real time performance tracking means timely and effective decision making.

  • Mortgage Performance

    Better mortgage deals automatically flagged for you to save money.

  • Guided Development

    In App expert lead support and coaching.

  • Rental Yield Performance

    Instantly see your rental performance against the market.

  • Equity Availability

    Instantly see the equity available in your portfolio for new investment capability.

  • Market Review

    Instantly see how your portfolio value is performing against market trends.

Now you understand the value of your Portfolio Properties let’s review your options

  • Can you charge more rent and so increase your income?

  • Can you save money on your mortgage and so increase your net income?

  • Can you use this increased income that could be used to save towards another BTL?

  • Have your Properties increased in value enough that you could release equity?

Property Circle will identify these options and show you how much money could potentially be released from your Property Portfolio – so now you have some decision points to help you grow.

Property Circle has now shown you what equity you have available to invest, but you need to understand how to invest.

We have therefore created a Valuation tool within the App that will allow you to enter a potential property, we then return its value, potential rental income and transfer all of this to a Mortgage Calculator to identify Deposit needed and Monthly Mortgage Payments.

If you have £50,000 to invest from releasing equity, you can use this calculator to understand what value property you could buy, and with our Property Data look at past growth, rental yield, no longer just a purchase price.

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Saved over £8,000

Thanks to Property Circle, I changed my mortgage deal and saved over £8,000.

Steven S

Just wow!

I had had a dormant portfolio since 2008. I downloaded the Property Circle App and it immediately identified a significant amount of equity I had available. I then restructured my mortgages and purchased a block of 5 flats

Jason J
S Wales

Identified equity

With the Equity identified by Property Circle I successfully remortgaged my BTL and purchased another BTL property.

Sue B

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Available on iOS and Android devices