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Property Circle

Smart Client Engagement and Retention Technology for
Mortgage Brokers | Estate Agents | Lettings Agents

We help to engage with customers, find opportunities and grow your business

Constantly review every client's mortgage

Provide insights into every client along with new LTV thresholds

Show better mortgage products, mortgage new and updates to clients

Review every BTL client's portfolio and show where performance could be improved

Equity release for further investment opportunities

Own branded App in their hands 24/7

You don't need to be a detective

Property Circle tracks down all the leads you need and gives you the supporting evidence to engage with your clients.

No more looking through spreadsheets, trawling through your client bank, reviewing every client product and processing to see if there is an opportunity, looking for every product end date, and hoping that the lender hasn't got there first!

All from a system that runs 24/7 for you, that prioritises and highlights the right customers to contact at the right time, and puts your brand in the hands of your customers
– that’s Property Circle.

Our Services

At Property Circle we’ve combined our broking expertise with intelligent technology to provide Mortgage Brokers with easy-to-use tools that attract and retain clients. We uniquely identify mortgage opportunities within your book and provide tools to grow your brand with your existing customers and engage with new clients


Automatically identifies mortgage opportunities and connects you and your clients – all served up with priority status so you can focus on the right opportunities at the right time.

Client Suite

Put your brand in your client’s hands with your own branded apps and secure new customers – there are even dedicated marketing packages to help you.

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