Our story

Our story and founding team

We built a product that enables the kind of business growth we would have killed for in our 25+ years in the industry. As you work with us, you’ll quickly see our passion for the industry, for technology that can make things easier, for data and results, but, most of all, for each of the people that work tirelessly to build their business and deliver for their clients. We’re here for you.

Marc Randall

Founder & CEO

25 years experience as a mortgage broker, estate agent, property developer and portfolio landlord.

Ollie Jones


Extensive experience in systems development (CRM and App), systems security and management.

Andy Lucas


Senior corporate background with strategy, operational development and delivery in global property market.

A note from the founder

We’re only just getting started on our journey

Thank you for allowing me to introduce myself, my team and my company, Property Circle.

I guess I can say that I am not your typical tech entrepreneur. I am on the wrong side of 40 and someone that has to ask his daughters how to use social media.

However, a few years ago I had a vision of how I could use technology to help me become a better mortgage broker. This was the birth of Property Circle…

I have spent all of my working life in the Mortgage and Property Market, having owned an Estate Agentand Letting Agent, a Mortgage Brokerage, a Property Development company, and built my own property portfolio. Each and every part of my career has navigated me to where I am today - full of industry knowledge that I am enthused to share in an industry that I love.


The Mortgage and Property Sector is seriously lacking in technology and this really holds back the quality of its customer service.

Property Circle’s mission is to revolutionise the industry by empowering the professionals to help their clients make better and more informed Property and Mortgage decisions.

With the help of my colleagues Ollie (the tech genius) and Andy (the strategy and operations master) I have poured all of my 25 years of knowledge into clever algorithms, property insights, mortgage tracking and very proudly creating Property Circle.


It is difficult to describe in a few words exactly what the tech offers, as it really does do so much. Today it can process an entire Mortgage Broker’s CRM system, identifying new mortgage opportunities every day that can save their clients money (regardless of what the interest rate is doing), or identify equity they could release for further investment. It really is like having an experienced broker reviewing every single mortgage, every month for hundreds of thousands of clients. The added benefit is each product has been tested and has created £1000’s of mortgage commission.

However it doesn’t stop there as all this information and mortgage analysis is placed in the hands of the client with our client app, enabling both Broker and Client to be connected 24/7, 365 days a year.

Importantly, it is not just Mortgage Brokers that can benefit from our tech. Letting Agents can load their portfolios and connect them to their Mortgage Broker, creating a new revenue stream for both Mortgage Broker and Agent. Estate Agents can list properties for sale directly to Landlords that we have identified have funds to invest, creating new revenue streams for both Broker and Agent. Landlords can have their portfolios continuously reviewed for better mortgages and equity opportunities. And Lenders can reach customers directly with specifically targeted products.Everything is run through our algorithms, to make sure the client has a better, more informed portfolio performance and property management journey.

Property Circle will create a new community of better-informed clients connected to better educated. Mortgage Brokers and Agents – a unique win, win, win.

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