Client Bank Lead Generation

Consistent, quality leads - day in, day out

Unleash the value of your client bank as Property Circle connects you and your clients, and automatically tracks all their mortgages, and even the performance of your BTL client’s portfolios.

With LeadGen, it's as simply as 1-2-3

LeadGen is the first fully automated and digital client retention and nurture platform for brokers. LeadGen creates new business opportunities from your existing client bank, increasing client conversion and retention through an intelligent, yet easy-to-use, interactive platform.

1. Expiry Date Tracker

We uniquely review Product End Date against time and Lender contact follow-ups to make sure you stay ahead of the game and contact the customer exactly at the right time.

2. Early Review

If your client could save money, even with an early redemption payment, we quantity the savings and deliver you the product options.


The UK’s first! With interest rates rising our clever technology looks for the best available fixed term today, calculates the cost of change, and produces the associated interest rate – if you and your client believe that the rate will be above this figure at renewal then there is a clear opportunity to change

3. Equity Availability

For your Buy To Let clients this identifies the properties and portfolios with equity available to release for investment. Automatic property valuation and mortgage data identify Loan to Value changes.

All from a system that runs 24/7 for you, that prioritises and highlights the right customers to contact at the right time, and puts your brand in the hands of your customers
– that’s Property Circle.

Priority Tracker

All records are prioritised in a systematic and intuitive nature – giving you and your brokers a complete view on what your next move with a client should be.

LeadGen will automatically re-analyse your entire client bank against realtime market variables to determine the next priorities for you to then action on.

Intelligent Reports

Not only does the system prioritise leads it also tracks your follow-up and lets you know how you are doing – so that you know you are on track to convert every opportunity all the time.

Receive weekly and monthly summary reports based on your client bank performance, along with any pending actions.

How LeadGen Works

Register with us

Fill out of form, sign the legal bit and we'll get you set up on our LeadGen platform and show you around.

Data handover

We conduct a data cleanse on your entire company book and then import it into LeadGen. We’ll constantly review and deliver you prioritised leads.

Review leads

Sit back, and easily review each of your client’s opportunities, using our intuitive priority system – we’ll constantly review and deliver you prioritised leads.

Additional Features

We're continuously adding to the LeadGen platform, increasing its reach and intelligence 

 Intuitive Dashboard 

An easy to use dashboard makes reviewing your entire client bank and opportunities effortlessly.

Multiple Users

Invite your entire company and assign clients for them to manage and action accordingly.

 Powerful Something...

Influencer startup interaction design. Paradigm shift research & development partner.

CRM Integration

Designed to elegantly integrate into your CRM system with our powerful and flexible API Development system.

Why choose Property Circle

As a broker using Property Circle, you will unlock a huge number of benefits to improve your workflow.

Automatic Lead Generation

From your existing client’s current mortgages

Differentiate Your Brand

Differentiation for new client engagement

Never Miss A Lead

Our tracker and alerts means you always know what needs doing

Review Opportunities

Identify and release equity from your client's portfolio

Re-Engage Clients

Engage with inactive investors and transform them to brand advocates.

Brand Reinforcement

Generates validated client engagement opportunities leads to reinforce brand and relationships

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